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Feature Type:
  • United States of America (English, Latin script, Original)
    • United States (Unknown, Latin script, Contraction)
      • U.S. (English, Latin script, Acronym)
      • US (English, Latin script, Acronym)
      • ཨ་མེ་རི་ཁ (Unknown, Tibetan script, English-to-Tibetan Transcription)
    • America (English, Latin script, Contraction)
    • 美国 (Unknown, Simplified Chinese Characters, English-to-Chinese Transcription)
      • ཨ་མེ་རི་ཁ (Unknown, Tibetan script, Chinese-to-Tibetan Transcription)
    • USA (English, Latin script, Acronym)

Place ID: F13656

Geocode Name: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, Code: iso.alpha.2

Geocode Name: ISO 3166-1 alpha-3, Code: iso.alpha.3

Geocode Name: ISO 3166-1 numeric, Code: iso.num

Geocode Name: FIPS 10-4, Code: fips


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