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Tibetan ritual


Organized by José Ignacio Cabezón. This is a working document meant to serve as the beginning of a conversation on the typology of Tibetan ritual. This initial iteration is based on:

  1. Various Tibetan and Tibetan/English lexicographical resources
  2. The Table of Contents (dkar chags) of the Rin chen gter mdzod, compiled and edited by ’Jam mgon kong sprul blo gros mtha’ yas (1813-1899)
  3. The Table of Contents (dkar chags) of the Sgrub thabs kun bstus, compiled by ’Jam dbyangs mkhyen rtse dbang po (1820-1892) and ’Jam dbyangs blo gter dbang po (1847-1914)
  4. Bka’ ’gyur Rgyud ’bum section
  5. BDRC
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