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Introductory Scene

A front section or sections of a Tibetan translation of a sūtra or tantra in which the circumstances surrounding the teaching of the text are set forth. There is a standard set of five “excellences” (phun sum tshogs pa lnga) that make up this introductory scene-setting: the excellence of the time, teacher, location, audience, and doctrine/teaching. The ordinary introduction sets forth the first four of these, beginning with “Thus have I heard” and ending with the description of the audience. The extraordinary introduction describes the unique circumstances of the teaching.

  • nidāna (Sanskrit, Latin script, Original)
    • > གླེང་གཞི། (Tibetan, Tibetan script, Translation)
      • > Narrative Context (English, Latin script, Translation)
      • > Introductory Scene (English, Latin script, Translation)
      • > Introduction (English, Latin script, Translation)
      • > Prologue (English, Latin script, Translation)
      • > Lengzhi (Tibetan, Latin script, THL Simplified Tibetan Transcription)
      • > gleng gzhi (Tibetan, Latin script, THL Extended Wylie Transliteration)
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