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Making Minds Matter: Infusing Mindfulness Into School Counseling

Making Minds Matter: Infusing Mindfulness Into School Counseling
Journal of Creativity in Mental Health
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2011
Pages: 220-233
Source ID: shanti-sources-21242
Zotero Collections: Education and Contemplation

The purpose of this article is to provide a rationale for the integration of mindfulness interventions into school counseling. Mindfulness practices currently are neither widely known nor well utilized in the school counseling environment. Implementation of mindfulness in schools may help students increase academic performance, develop social skills, and learn coping mechanisms to enhance their personal quality of life. By helping students learn to embrace and practice self-awareness, school counselors empower students to take ownership of their thoughts, feelings, and actions. In this article, historical foundations, basic tenets, current research, applications for school counseling, multicultural considerations, and implications are discussed.

Education and Contemplation