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Primordial Experience : An Introduction to rDzogs-chen Meditation

Primordial Experience : An Introduction to rDzogs-chen Meditation
Short Title: Primordial Experience
Format: Book
Publication Year: 1986
Publisher: Shambala
Place of Publication: Boston ; London
Pages: 158
Sources ID: 21183
Visibility: Private
Zotero Collections: Great Perfection (Dzokchen)
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This is the first English-language translation of one of the most revered texts in Tibetan Buddhism. A part of the rDzogs-chen or Ati tradition, 'Primordial Experience' was written by Manjusrimitra, an Indian disciple of the first teacher of Ati yoga. Legend has it that the teacher, in a debate about the Buddhist doctrine of cause adn effect, opened his student's eyes to the reality of Ati yoga, the state of pure and total presence. This book is the result of that encounter. what is presented is a learned discourse on the relation of the Ati teachings to other systems of Indian thought - Buddhist and Hindu - through an examination of the key concept of 'bodhicitta', or enlightened mind. Included is a preface by Namkhai Norbu that places this text in the Ati tradition, as well as a substantial introduction about the theory of translation, the history of the text and its author, philosophical questions about the relation of Ati yoga to "Buddhist Idealism," and the meditation practice linked with this text.

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