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  • བསངས (Tibetan, Tibetan script, Original)
    • >  bsangs/ (Tibetan, Latin script, Transliteration-THL Extended Wylie Transliteration)
    • >  sang (Tibetan, Latin script, Transcription-THL Simplified Tibetan Transcription)
Other Dictionaries

Other Dictionaries

1. Thupten Phuntsok Dictionary

བསང་རྒྱུའི་དྲི་མའམ་སྨྱོ་སོགས་བསངས་ཟིན་པ་དང་། དྲི་བཟང་གི་རྩྭའམ་ཤིང་བསྲེགས་ནས་དུ་བ་བདུག་པ་ལའང་།

2. dag yig gsar bsgrigs


ནི་འདས་པ་སྟེ། མྱུ་གུ་ཆར་གྱིས་བསངས་ནས་ས་རྡུལ་དག་ལྟ་བུ།

3. smon lam tshig mdzod chen mo


4. Negi Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary

= བསངས་པ།

5. Dan Martin Dictionary

ritual. See Epstein, Dissertation 95, where he states that rituals of this type were the most commonly performed rituals in Tibet. For examples, see 87 LXVIII. Combe 53.

6. Rangjung Yeshe Dictionary

smoke-offerings. Smoke-pujas:

purify, cleanse, clear away comp. སངས་; cleanse (with incense)


7. Ives Waldo Dictionary

purify, cleanse, clear away [comp སངས་ [p bsang] loose incense, shrubs used for incense

8. Jim Valby Dictionary

ceremony (burning juniper branches for local deities), purification through smoke, incense, to cleanse, remove, recover, SA sang ba incense, lift up, SA seng ba, frankincense